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Chilled Water

PCWM/FCL(WATER CHILLER HEAT PUMP UNITS WITH SEA WATER COOLED CONDENSERS) PCWM/FCL units are used to chill the water that is circulated to the spaces to be cooled as a heat-transfer medium. In winter, the reverse cycle heat pump warms the circulated water, providing efficient heating to the spaces. PCWM/FCL units are normally installed in the engine compartment, and are associated to the air handling units (fan-coil type) located in the spaces to be air-conditioned. Marine grade materials are used, i.e. stainless steel and cupro-nickel. The most advanced control technology is applied, as well as proper devices to reduce noise and vibrations. Click here for more...

FAN-COILSCondaria fan-coil units for marine use are manufactured in two series and ten sizes. The ALU series is manufactured in heavy gauge peraluman sheet with abs drip pan and includes models Mini, Compact, Junior, Giant 4 and Giant 8. The ALU series unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically without any modification, except models Mini and Compact.AP fan-coils use high pressure centrifugal blower and can be connected to suction and discharge ducts; they can be installed away from the space to be treated, and will not affect the interior design of the space itself.The common characteristics of the two series are: the possibility of connecting the units to two or three speed selectors or to continous electronic dimmers, the use of multi-row copper/aluminium water-to-air heat exchangers, the quitness and the compactness of the assembly. Click here for more...

WM-S/FCL(COOLING ONLY WATER CHILLERS) On large boats water chiller with accessible-hermetic compressors are normally installed; their capacity range is 10 to 80 tons of refrigeration. All units are custom manifactured. Models and dimensions hereby should be considered as indicative only. Condaria will size and quote any units upon request. Click here for more...

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