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Condaria controls

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Chilled Water

CHILLER ORGANIZER 2The Chiller Organizer 2 is a microprocessor-based device, which translates to an electronic key the Know-How of Condaria in the field of marine air-conditioning, and is designed to manage automatically the operation of a reverse cycle water chiller, sea water cooled, configured for 1 to 4 compressors.The Chiller Organizer 2 has a backlighted, liquid cristal, alphanumerical display, on two lines of sixteen digits each, and is therefore able to converse with the utilizer by showing text messages, in four languages, i.e. italian, english, french and spanish at choice, with temperature values displayed in degrees °C or degrees °F. Click here for more...

CLIMATE ORGANIZER(ELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLLER WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY)The Climate Organizer has been designed to be used as a room thermostat, with the function to control either the operation of the blower (AIR), or a 3-way valve (Water) on one or more terminal units. Click here for more...

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