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Cruisair Tempered Water

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Chilled Water

For more product specific information, click on a Specification Sheet PDF below: NEW! L-2354 Type AT Air Handling UnitsNEW! L-2403 AT-MU Fresh Air Makeup Air Handling UnitsL-0596 Tempered Water Modular UnitsL-0264 Type CBLB TW Air Handling UnitsL-2057 TW Logic Control SystemsL-0181 Type BPAH TW Bypass AssemblyL-0420 TW Seawater & Circulating PumpsL-0622 TW Duct Heat ModulesL-0625 TW Expansion Tanks, Spirovent and SpirotopsL-0814 VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) TW onlyL-0815 VSD (Variable Speed Drives) for DX or TW

Cruisair tempered water systems are built for larger yachts and commercial craft. These two-stage systems use circulated water as a heat transfer medium. The warmed or cooled fluid is piped through a closed loop from the tempering unit in the engine room to any number of air handling units throughout the boat. Cruisair's unique reverse-cycle design provides very efficient heating, even in relatively cold seawater temperatures, in many cases eliminating the need for separate heating systems. Cruisair offers a complete line of single-compressor and staged multi-compressor systems from 1.5 tons up, utilizing state-of-the-art compact modular tempering units.

NEW! AT Air HandlersAT tempered water air handlers are draw-thru (ducted) units that offer many significant improvements over existing air handler units including: a sloped "Positive-Flow" drain pan which reduces standing water; larger drain connections and an improved coil design for better cooling and dehumidifying performance.

FEATURES All systems are reverse-cycle for heating & cooling Modular systems are available for easy installation & service Modules available from 1.5 tons to 15 tons For operation on 230 VAC, 60 or 50 Hz (440 VAC and three-phase power on special order)CONTROLS:Cruisair SMX Series and Rotary Knob ControlsTempered Water Logic Control System (TWLC)Advanced microprocessor circulated water, control system specifically designed for marine use. Available in Multi or Single-Unit Panels, featuring an easy-to-use, 4 button keypad/display. One key feature: the TWLC system can be connected to and controlled by an on-board or remote computer with software (MPE Control Chiller Manager Software) that emulates the TWLC keypad/display.

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