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Our Preventative Maintenance Plan will SAVE YOU MONEY and extend the life of your equipmentLack of maintenance is one of the leading causes of equipment failure.

Customers that have our Preventative Maintenance Plan enjoy:Fewer Equipment FailuresReduced Repair CostsImproved System EfficiencyDiscounted Parts and Equipment throughout the yearGuaranteed Priority ServiceAddresses Minor Repairs BEFORE they become major repairs

Our Plan Includes

Check Refrigerant PressuresCheck AmperagesClean Seawater StrainersClean Return Air FiltersInspect Seawater PumpsInspect Electrical ConectionsCheck Operation of Safety Switches

Check Condensate DrainsInspect Evaporator CoilsCheck Operation of Pump relayCheck Controls for Proper OperationRecommend Repairs NeededProvide Written Report

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Equipment must be easily accessible to be inspected

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